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Bellum on CNBC (Maybe)
Saturday, November 11, 2006 (18:25:42) BA News
Posted by Raskull
Several months ago Raskull & Serafina (of WoW KT) were interviewed as part of a CNBC documentary on how they met in the MMO Asheron's Call. As part of the interview the crew captured them leading a Molten Core raid with the rest of the guild. That documentary is finally airing on November 15th (check local listings). We haven't seen the final edit so we have no idea how much made it into the final documentary - click through for a blurb we found on Youtube for the show.

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BF 2142 Ranked Server up!
Friday, October 20, 2006 (21:03:39) BA News
Posted by Vidguy
Just a quick note to say that our Battlefield 2142 ranked server is now up, and was recently updated from a 20 person server to 30!

Come join us on the community TeamSpeak server and in-game with your [BA] tag.

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BA's BF2142 Ranked Server - Wed. Oct 18
Tuesday, October 17, 2006 (20:35:52) BA News
Posted by Vidguy
BA's ranked Battlefield 2142 server will be up on Wednesday Oct 18th after 1:00 pm PST (or thereabouts). Also at that time the Demo server will be shut down. Please bear with us during the update. We are still waiting on the CC admin program to be updated as well.

We don't know if the server IP will be the same, but as soon as we get the info, we will post it here in the forums.

Feel free to join up in the BA community TeamSpeak server if you are one of the lucky ones who gets their game early. If the server is full (and it has been for the demo), we have admins who will remove players for BA members to join.

We do have BF2142 channels set up for you to join in all of the fun!

Let's kick some Titan-butt the BA way!

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BA has a BF 2142 Ranked Demo Server
Thursday, October 05, 2006 (18:24:59) BA News
Posted by Vidguy
bf 2142The BF 2142 Demo is available now to those who pre-ordered the CE from EA. The rest may get it by Friday night. For those who are fortunate to have it now, and for those who will be getting it Friday or Saturday, BA has it's very own BF 2142 Demo Server!

The server information can be found here:

Server Name: "Bellum Aeternus & TopGuns Gaming Demo server"
Server IP:
Max Players: 20

The server came as a result of an anonymous BA benefactor (THANKS!), so let's get on and enjoy it. It will also be up for retail for at least 3 months!

Head to the new BF 2142 forums here.

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Bellum Aeternus and XFire
Friday, September 22, 2006 (08:12:24) BA News
Posted by Wye

The IM client / game tracker XFire now has guild support in beta. Apply for Bellum Aeternus and see who is online without having to add everyone's name!

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RL > BA for CalmTerror!
Tuesday, September 19, 2006 (23:51:17) BA News
Posted by Aravel
It is with great thanks and appreciation of YEARS of service that I announce that CalmTerror has stepped down as Legate of Bellum Aeternus to pursue educational goals!

We have been fortunate enough to receive his wisdom and guidance almost since the first days of Bellum Aeternus -- he is stepping down, but is far from leaving our ranks, and will immediately join the ranks of the Emeritus.

Hail CalmTerror! Hail Legatus Emeritus!

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Vanguard Provincial Development Process
Monday, September 11, 2006 (02:39:46) BA News
Posted by Vidguy
We've got a number of BA members who are interested in the upcoming MMO from Sigil and SOE, Vanguard. We've started a developmental forum for those interested in starting up a possible Vanguard province within Bellum Aeternus.

If you are interested in helping shape this proto-province. Be sure to sound off in the forum, and make it known that you're interested. If you are even more inclined to help lead this province, that's the first step in the process.

Head over to the forum to find out more information.

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Your feedback requested.. again!
Wednesday, August 30, 2006 (21:46:47) BA News
Posted by Aravel
Please take the time to visit this thread here in our BA Site/Development Feedback forum and vote on which of our two currently active User Info blocks you'd prefer. Thanks for your help!

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Give us your feedback!
Wednesday, August 30, 2006 (03:59:44) BA News
Posted by Aravel
We appreciate everyone's patience as we experience our latest growing pains -- we're honestly damned proud of the new site, and the possibilities for offering you even more enhancements to your BA gaming experience!

We just enabled the BA Site/Development Feedback forum for your bug-shooting and suggestion-making enjoyment! Please help us manage our improvements and opportunities by using that new forum as your one-stop-fixit-shop for the future!

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New BB Code
Wednesday, August 30, 2006 (01:13:53) BA News
Posted by Voltaire
So, here at Bellum Aeternus, we remain committed to bringing you the most up to date and advanced web page possible...

Well, actually, some random discussion topic made want to test out modifying BB codes to let us do neat things. Of course, I need something to do with a new BB code, so I pondered for a moment, then came up with this example modification:

Without further ado, here is BA doing some random pwning, WoW style:

Example Removed

Introducing the [youtube] bb tag.

Now you can embed YouTube movies directly into pretty much everything on this site (except the wiki). Anyway, the whole point of this post is not so much to show off cool web tricks we can do, but to let everyone know that this site is now undergoing continual enhancement, and we would love to have your input. Have any neat ideas or things you would like to see implemented? Let us know! We are certainly on the look out for new and better ways to do the things we do.

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