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Bellum Aeternus: BA News

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Travian Server 2 - Bellum Aeternus breaks into top 100 alliances
Tuesday, June 10, 2008 (02:37:58) BA News
Posted by ThirdParty
Everbody take a second and raise a glass.

Bellum Aeternus has broken into the top 100 guilds on a server with 1280, and continues to grow!

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BA in Age of Conan - Server: Thog
Friday, May 16, 2008 (19:08:40) BA News
Posted by SaintPeter
A number of BA players are going to be trying out Age of Conan. If you'd like to join us, we will be on the PvE server Thog.

It looks like we have a fair number of people who have already pre-ordered, so at least initially we'll have a decent population. If interest continues, we'll see about making it an official province.

BA Age of Conan Discussion Forum

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Pirates of the Burning Sea
Sunday, January 20, 2008 (02:52:28) BA News
Posted by BrewSki
Ahoy Maties!

Bellum Aeternus is proud to announce that we are involved in “Pirates of the Burning Sea”.
PotBS Homepage

PotBS is a new MMO set in 1720, with ship combat, swashbuckling, crafting and some good old teamwork of blowing stuff up!

We currently have a small society of 9 members and are looking for more Captains to join us on the high seas!
Bellum Aeternus has a production line of crafting ships, upgrade cannons, ammo and consumables to keep our ships in top fighting form. We are preparing for action of doing group missions, small raids, gaining loot from our vanquished enemies and winning the map of the Caribbean with some good old PVP.

PotBS is a more casual style MMO game that anyone can play. A low level can group with higher levels, crafting is done using real time and rewards are plenty. Any type of player from the dedicated to the few hours per week player, everyone is useful and has a welcome place! Check out the BA PotBS forums.

Come play as a master and commander and take on heroic roles and complete amazing deeds as soon as you step aboard your ship.

Bellum Aeternus is currently raising our sails on the Morgan server as the Pirate class.
We use the community TeamSpeak server to get our game on!

And if anyone has a Sony Station Access Pass, you already have the game for free. Or if you are still playing PlanetSide or EQ2, it’s an easy upgrade to your account.

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Announcing Bellum Aeternus Community Games, New Banner
Friday, October 19, 2007 (21:36:07) BA News
Posted by SaintPeter
BA Community Games
For a while now we've had a "Community Games" section of our site, but aside from BF2142 we have not done much with it. I am pleased to announce that we are now planning to do a bit more with it.

We have added a new Pledge for "Bellum Aeternus Community Games". This will enable players to join Bellum Aeternus without having to join one of our existing MMO Provinces. At the same time we are making it easier to form up a Community Game. The first "Province Lite" to take advantage of this is Tabula Rasa. If you are interested in forming up a group for a game, with forum and voice comms, contact myself or one of the other Legates.

"New" Banner
Almost a year ago when we were doing the new site, Destrider (one of our Original Legates) cooked up a new helm image for the site masthead. We never quite got around to putting it up, but now I have. You will likely need to force a refresh of the page (Ctrl-Click-Refresh in most browsers) to see it. I think it looks dandy.

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Bellum Aeternus Team Fortress 2 Server
Wednesday, October 03, 2007 (06:02:31) BA News
Posted by SaintPeter
Brewski, the awesome man that he is, has purchased a Team Fortress 2 server for us to use.

You can find it in one of three ways:
1) Look for "Bellum Aeternus TF2" in the server browser
2) Connect to
3) Add a BA Member to your Steam List and get invited to the BA Steam Group so you can see what server we're on.

When you play, you can also join us on the Community Games Teamspeak Server where we keep a healthy stream of smack-talk and teamwork flowing.

Note that the server is costing $38/month to run - If you would like to defray Brewski's costs, please donate to BA and we will pass the cash on. See News Item Below or the Donation Buttons on the right for donation details.

One Last Item:
If you are interested in playing in a TF2 Ladder, SpyderMonkey is forming up a group. Details can be found in his post here. If we get sufficiently dedicated players, TF2 will likely become a BA Province so we can recruit to it.

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Bellum Aeternus and The WORLD of the FUTURE
Thursday, September 20, 2007 (17:52:59) BA News
Posted by SaintPeter
Hey! We need to talk. We all know what Bellum Aeternus has been, and we probably know what Bellum Aeternus means to us, but we need to talk about where Bellum Aeternus is going.

Come by the thread:
Bellum Aeternus and the WORLD of the FUTURE

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Bellum Aeternus Needs Your Support
Friday, August 17, 2007 (21:04:55) BA News
Posted by SaintPeter
Bellum Aeternus needs your support. We are paying about $50/month for our new clean and clear Ventrilo Voice Hosting, and about $200/year for Web Hosting and Domains. We need your cash to help keep our servers running smoothly. In the past your Legates had paid for hosting out of their own pockets, but we would like to spread the burden around. Every bit helps and is appreciated.

There are two ways to support BA:
* A 1 Time donation
* A repeating donation of $5/month

Donate what you can, but a recurring donation is best, since it will only take 15 subscribers to support BA indefinitely.

Use the Paypal button below to donate now! Or click on the subscription button for that recurring gift of gaming goodness.
Note: We accept both credit card and normal bank account transfers.

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BA Vegas Bash Pictures Posted
Monday, April 02, 2007 (22:30:21) BA News
Posted by SaintPeter
I've posted the pictures I took at the BA Bash!

Click to View:

You can also read all about it on the BA Bash Story Thread.

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Biggest BA bash ever! 3-31-07
Thursday, March 29, 2007 (04:56:45) BA News
Posted by Chaz
BA members from multiple COUNTRIES will be attending! Please join us in Las Vegas for a bash that no one will forget.

Please see the Real Life Forums for more information!

Hope to see you all there!

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Saturday! Vegas! Baby!
Tuesday, March 27, 2007 (21:22:05) BA News
Posted by SaintPeter
Don't forget, Saturday we're going to have a BA Bash in Las Vegas.

Check the Real World Events forum for details!

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