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Bellum Aeternus: BA News

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BA's first Astral Ship in Allods!
Friday, September 23, 2011 (02:52:03) BA News
Posted by Parslip
Congratulations to Viosh (Hrathor), the first member of BA to become an Astral Ship Captain in Allods Online!

After a great deal of resources and a significant amount of time through several difficult quests, Viosh has become the first member of BA to build an Astral Ship and become a ship Captain.

Unfortunately, it takes 100 days for the ship to be built. There are items that can be bought, and quests done, to reduce this time. Soon enough BA will be sailing the Astral, learning the ins and outs of Astral Ship combat and navigation, and exploring new allods throughout.

Congratulations, Viosh!

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Rift 50's Clear out Expert rift's
Wednesday, March 30, 2011 (20:01:53) BA News
Posted by Freron

Yesterday a majority of the 50's from Bellum Aeternus worked together to do expert rifts. Each group completed at least 2 expert rifts to obtain more gear to assist in the climb to reach raid readiness. With Patch 1.1 Released today the guild will take a day to see how the new revamp on souls will pan out. We're only a few weeks away from being ready for our first raid. Many members posed for a guild shot of the level 50's but still we're missing some. (Picture Below).

Many Members are still leveling up and eagerly waiting for the day they can join other members in the 50's bracket. All members are showing promise in being a good addition to the 50's group and gearing up. Craftsmen are now obtaining more recipes to replace tier 1 gear, learning how the groups work for experts, and how to play classes to replace the shortage of clerics.

The Guild bank and database for it were created over the past week. This is to assist with gearing up our members at a lower cost and to assist in having everything the guild needs for raiding when the time comes. Items sold from the guild bank are open to all mains in the guild and the money earned is set aside for the guild. Thank you to those who have donated time and money to get the guild bank filled. More information on the guild bank is available to members in the Rift forums.

BA Rift providence continues to recruit more members each week. The guild is growing and becoming known across Telera. We are currently seeking all classes and play styles in the game of RIFT.

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Bellums Aeternus reaches Guild Rank 4 With Members in Tier 1 expert Dungeons
Monday, March 21, 2011 (18:42:13) BA News
Posted by Freron

Over the past 4 weeks member of Bellum Aeternus have worked hard to insure the guild quests are getting completed at rapid rate. By doing this Bellum Aeternus obtained guild level 4 last week and is waiting for new guild quest to become available. Due to guild quest only being allowed to be obtain weekly, BA Members have completed guild quest before the timer allows them to obtain a new quest. On behalf of all officer we thank the members for working hard on these quest to help obtain the current level and look forward to obtaining more levels as the weeks come.

BA now has over 7 level 50 members with another 7-10 not to far behind. These members reaching 50 have been attempting Tier 1 Experts with the desire to learn and teach them to other members. Few of these members have seen and assisted on Rift raid and Rift expert to learn and see how they work. The knowledge these members are bring to the tables will help assist BA in grow in Rift and assist all members in learning the skills needed to complete to the top level. Tier 2 Expert are closing in for a few of the Members and will be one step closer to Raids for everyone.

Guild Crafter in need of components for craft Please ask other members if they have extra's Many members have been assisting each other in gathering up what they need to make stuff to Max out crafting. Currently Bellum Aeternus has master crafters in all area's but more can be useful. All items given to you are to be used for guild items or leveling up. Please do not sell off stuff you make from item others give you unless they say ok.

Need Rare powder/Crystals Guild funds for these are over flowing We currently have over 2 stack or Powders/Shards and Crystal for the guild Fund. See Freron if need some for you Rare to Epic armor.

In the past 2 weeks Bellums Aeternus Rift providence has gained more members with more waiting to join our ranks. We want to welcome all new members to BA and hope they enjoy the team atmosphere BA has to offer.

BA is still currently recruiting all level players. We are looking for higher level players that are willing to adjust to what is needed for groups and raids. This means having more then 2 role So you can fill in for the need support. Weather your a Cleric that Likes to DPS or heal, A Warrior who likes to DPS and not be the meat shield, A Rogue who wants to lay mines out and not shoot his trusty bow, or a Mage who wants to play healer over nuking the life out of this we are looking for you. BA currently has over 40 active members Some are PVPVE and even some Just full PVP. Those seeking recruitment need to contact a member or officer for further details.

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RIFT LOTHAM Server New Home For Bellum Aeternus
Thursday, February 24, 2011 (09:13:55) BA News
Posted by Freron

Over the past months Bellum Aeternus members have been testing Trion's RIFT. During those months of Beta testing, more and more members of BA found RIFT as another game to call home.

Many have asked what makes RIFT Stand out to BA. The short answer is everything. One large thing that stood out to members is that the RIFT team listens to the community and works to make a game they all will enjoy. For once a gaming company really listens to the players, and strives to make the game what the majority wants. The game is very polished even from the first beta. We even had the feeling the game was close, if not ready, for release back then. During each Beta event they made changes that seem to add more to the game that players were asking for. No limitations to just the Quest grind or Grinding for EXP. You now have choices in a game. From going around closing rift's, following quest lines, PvP to get exp, And the normal instance grind.

Rift gave members the best of games they have played in past and present. Members have returned to find a game that they can enjoy even after being out of games for over a year. Rift also has brought BA new members that we can say are a great addition to the guild.

BA’s new home for RIFT is on the Lotham server as the technology hungry Defiants. We will not fear Guardians and their Claim they are ascended from the gods by choice. We know from our future that the god have failed and we were sent back to save Telera from the destruction that could be. We have the advantage we did not raise from the dead. We came from the future. Let not guardian or any of the 8 Classes of rift stand in our way. We are here to save Telera.

BA is recruiting new and old members for RIFT on the Lotham Server. Seek out FreronRyche, Suhkbat, Maz, or Wye in game for more details.

We will be updating the news weekly for all members to see.

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DDO gains momentum!
Saturday, September 26, 2009 (16:20:09) BA News
Posted by Parslip
We've got several people playing Dungeons and Dragons Online Unlimited, and we'd like to have a few more! DDO is FREE to play now -- simply go to the Download Link and grab a copy of the game, make an account and hop on in! Join us in the community games channels of our ventrilo server and check out our threads in the community games forums.

Come give it a shot for free, and see what you think!

Ventrilo Server Thread
Community Games Forums

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Support your Bellum Aeternus!
Wednesday, July 23, 2008 (16:52:22) BA News
Posted by BrewSki
Bellum Aeternus needs your support. We are paying about $50/month for our new clean and clear Ventrilo Voice Hosting, and about $200/year for Web Hosting and Domains. We need your cash to help keep our servers running smoothly. In the past your Legates had paid for hosting out of their own pockets, but we would like to spread the burden around. Every bit helps and is appreciated.

There are two ways to support BA:
* A 1 Time donation
* A repeating donation of $5/month

Donate what you can, but a recurring donation is best, since it will only take 15 subscribers to support BA indefinitely.

Use the Paypal button below to donate now with a subscription for that recurring gift of gaming goodness.
Note: We accept both credit card and normal bank account transfers.

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BA AoC Thog marches on.
Thursday, July 03, 2008 (17:11:21) BA News
Posted by Destrider
On July 1 We had TWO guild first.
1. We completed our tier 2 Keep
2. We took down all the bosses in Atzels Keep, including King Atzel himself. Nice going guys.

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Aravel and Vidguy Step Down, Kyrhie, Brewski and Ezweb New Legates
Thursday, June 19, 2008 (16:15:22) BA News
Posted by SaintPeter
After four years of service to BA, our distinguished Legates Aravel and Vidguy have decided to step down from their positions as Legates due to a lack of time and lack of involvement in BA related games. They join CalmTerror, who has previously stepped down due to lack of involvement, as Legatus Emeritus.

We are delighted to announce that Kyrhie, Brewski, and Ezweb have accepted the position of Legate, to help lead and guide Bellum Aeternus as a Meta-Community.

Read More about our new Legates in the Members Forum:

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AoC - BA on Thog (PvE) has completed ALL ten Tier One City Buildings!!!
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 (20:41:12) BA News
Posted by Destrider
After we completed the first two buildings our guild harvesters have been stockpiling harvested materials and our member gold donations have began to come in.

On Tuesday night we decided that we had enough gold and materials to erect additional buildings.

Upon checking the after-patch mat requirements we realized that Crom had smiled upon the AoC players: Funcom as lowered gold and mat requirements substantially for all buildings (sure glad we waited). After that some of the guild members decided to dig a little deeper and we were able to complete all first tier buildings.

There are some additional items that must be built before we can begin on tier two, such as weapons and walls, but this is a great start.

We wish to thank everyone that contributed gold and mats to this worthy endeavor. Keep up the great work and keep those donations coming.

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Community Games Voice Server now on Ventrilo
Friday, June 13, 2008 (18:04:39) BA News
Posted by SaintPeter
Based on the results of a poll and recent security issues with Teamspeak, we are moving our Community Games voice chat to a Ventrilo Server. For the short term we will be losing the status block on the front page. I am looking to get one working with Ventrilo.

The good news is that you will no longer need to register to use the server. This will remain unless we start to have issues.

This server was originally specific to EQ2 folks and they still have a space on it. Please do not bug them.

Connection Details and Setup Guide

I, for one, welcome our new Ventrilo Overlords.

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