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Please don't post here or pledge here
Friday, September 19, 2014 (02:33:43) BA News
Posted by BrewSki
He all, if you are seeing this web site... it's our old one and we are in process of moving it.
So don't post here or pledge here.

Go to and for our new website. will be moved over there in less than two weeks, and this site will be locked from new applicants and posts.
It will be available for reference and for fond walks down memory lane with a different web address.



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Moving into New Digs!
Thursday, August 14, 2014 (18:57:57) BA News
Posted by BrewSki
Hello Bellum Aeternus;

We are in the process of changing our website, and due to some circumstances we can’t wheedle our way out of, the user import process is not going to work.

Therefore, we need you loyal users of the Bellum Aeternus website to create new accounts in the new website.
We have put it up on as we get things moved in.

Please create for yourself an account over there. You can start to use it immediately, and help us move in.
We will be closing this website in the coming weeks and redirecting the and over to that website. This (old) one will continue to be available for a while for those people overcome by nostalgia.

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Twintania DOWN!
Friday, March 28, 2014 (14:22:27)
Posted by TwinkleB
Up until the patch 2.2 Thursday (yesterday) The Binding Coil of Bahamut - Turn 5 was the hardest boss in the game. Last night after 3 hours of wiping and a month of nightly practices, BA finally took Twintania down!

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9/14H - Malkorok down!
Wednesday, March 05, 2014 (04:44:27) World of Warcraft News
Posted by Bashler

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OP4: No More!
Monday, February 24, 2014 (03:32:34) Planetside 2
Posted by AgtMulder

Bellum Aeternus players lining up for a group picture.

The heart-stopping intensity of BAID’s 4th scrimmage ends with victory against the highly skilled and competitive Opposition Force (OP4). Regarded by many (including even a few Bellum Aeternus players) as one of the greatest TR outfits on Connery, they more than held up to their reputation as their aggressive gameplay and fierce firepower suppressed and even wiped some of the most elite players in the BAID arsenal.

The scrimmage took place on February 15th, 2014 on Test Server Esamir, with Echo Valley Substation serving at the battleground for these two incredible squads. The base is comprised of a somewhat simple layout, containing the typical two-level rectangular building with short and long stairs as the point, connected to the crescent building via two bridges. A mountainous region surrounds the majority of the base, and a small forest providing soft cover lies to the south.

Echo Valley Substation as OP4 push forward toward the point building. BAID spawn lies directly ahead below the pipe in the distance, while the OP4 spawn lies behind the camera.

The OP4 and BAID each took opposite sides of the base, with the OP4 taking the north mountainous region, and BAID taking a small parking garage and the forest. The scrimmage denoted a pure 12v12 infantry battle. The rules were exceptionally different than the scrimmages the outfit participated in before, restricting concussion grenades, engineer turrets, infantry mines, vehicles, Empire Specific LMGs (Lashers and Miniguns), shotguns, MAXs, as well as all the new Infiltrator update gear, leaving a pure vanilla infantry confrontation.

Before the battle commenced, however, Centurion Therum took the initiative to divide the 12-man squad into fireteams of 4, splitting it up into a platoon. This seemingly useless action proved highly effective during the scrimmage, and perhaps was the clutch action that won the battle for BAID.

Alpha and Bravo squad pull left, as Charlie flank right.

Tactical maps have been drawn up for each confrontation and squad wipe. OP4 is denoted as red, while Alpha, Bravo, and Delta have been denoted as green, orange, and yellow, in consecutive order. A key has also been placed in the corner for the individual icons.

Round 1 starts off with a bang as BAID and OP4 members all make a mad dash for the point. OP4 keeps their squad together and coincide as BAID takes advantage of their position and assault the point through multiple doorways, taking advantage of the fatal funnel OP4 tries to push through. Alpha and Delta squad charge for the two entrances toward the lobby while Bravo takes short stairs, effectively creating multiple firing lanes and wiping out all OP4 resistance. They then easily take the point in their favor.

OP4 are trapped in the fatal funnel as they struggle to push through to the point.

However, Centurion Therum slips up and commands Alpha squad to take a forward position outside the point building, only to be mowed down by the respawning OP4. Bravo and Delta squad struggle to hold the point on their own, but being down four members, they are eventually taken out.

OP4 fortifies and controls the point (shortly before killing the NC Stalker Infiltrator in the corner. ;_; ).

After regrouping at the Sunderer, the three squads push out once more, taking advantage of their divided squad once again. Pushing through multiple entrances, identical to their tactic at taking the building in the beginning grants them the point once again. Two in Alpha join Bravo as they push up short stairs, while the other two and Delta push through the lower lobby entrances.

Bravo and Alpha (not shown) push through short stairs of the point building.

OP4 convene at their Sunderer and push out with their forces again, planning to take the lobby entrance. However, they soon find that they could not pass through the vehicle shield, as it has been flipped to Vanu. The cause is unknown, however. It may be very possible that a BAID Infiltrator hacked out the vehicle terminal, thus forcing OP4 to divert their attack around to the crescent building.

An excellent, yet risky gamble for Therum here would be to push out his squad onto the crescent building bridges and open fire as OP4 crossed the street. Vanu communications confirmed that BAID knew OP4 was pushing to the crescent building long before they made it to the building. However, allowing OP4 to make the push across the street burned precious time off the clock, and kept BAID safe from damage.

3 OP4 flanking via the crescent building.

OP4 then made a very aggressive push across the bridges, dividing their squad in two as they engaged BAID from the crescent building. Excellent medic work kept the momentum going as OP4 was surprisingly successful despite all of the gunfire to make it to the point room. However, most wiped upon contact, and despite last-ditch efforts on the medics to throw revive grenades, BAID was successful in keeping the “zombies” down, thus winning Round 1 for BAID.

When Round 2 started, everyone could see that OP4 was not willing to go down easily. Opening up their attack front much wider than Round 1, they destroy Alpha and Bravo squad turning the corner of the point building. Although Charlie squad manages to sneak by the massive assault, they too go down as they are left supportless and outnumbered 3-to-1.

Half of OP4’s squad push via the vehicle terminal, while the other take the opposite side of the building.

OP4 continues their successful tactic of a wider front as they bring the fight to BAID instead of waiting for their attack, engaging them in the forest after they respawned. Alpha and Bravo go down within the forest, and although Charlie squad manages to take out a small portion of OP4 and yet again make it to the point, they still end up supportless and are wiped once more.

Light Assault KorbenDallas of Charlie Squad sneaks to the point building roof and tries to hold off the OP4 reinforcements to the point.

The three squads organize and push out once more, falling back on their successful Bravo-Stairs, Alpha and Charlie lobby, but OP4 keeps up their wide front, wiping all three squads in succession.

An OP4 lies in ambush as BAID pushes through the forest, before they are eliminated.

Just when OP4 was about to win Round 2, BAID finally manages to break through. After relentless assault after relentless assault, wounded, and set up to cover their eastern flank, they are unprepared as all of BAID pushes hard through the western flank, blitzing OP4 and after much work, retaking the point for the remainder of the round.

BAID retakes the point building and watches the main fatal funnels.

Round 3 was merely a meat grinder at Grey Heron Shipping. Not much strategy was derived from it, as it was a meat grinder, although the Light Assaults did do an excellent job at covering the squad well.

Grey Heron Shipping. Light Assaults take the outer walls and the building rooftops for aerial superiority.

Many reasons may explain why BAID proves victorious against OP4. The division of the squad into fireteams delegated the responsibility of squad leader to others, leading to less micromanaging and more concentration on the battle at hand. Also, multiple flanks can be attacked simultaneously and easily with a divided squad, as done beautifully by the squad leader, Therum.

However, the positioning of the spawns may have had a factor as well. OP4 has direct access to only two entrances into the point room, the one in lobby and the crescent building. However, BAID has four entrances, short stairs, two at lobby, and crescent. Perhaps this may have tilted the odds in their favor.

The three entrances, slightly obscured, can be seen with the crescent building in the background.

Nonetheless, it was fantastic seeing two of the most elite outfits in PlanetSide battle to the death in a pure infantry vs. infantry battle. I look forward to seeing BAID perform more of these scrimmages in the future.

Baddie Aeternus sleeping on the job.

Thanks to ant1112 for help taking pictures at Grey Heron Shipping, and thanks to BAID and OP4 for dealing with the harrassing Light Assault/Infiltrator photographer screwing with their scrimmage. xD

To see the album of all the pictures that didn’t make it to the news article, or to find the full HD 1920x1080 pictures of the ones that did (not including the maps), click here for the imgur album.

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BA FFXIV still going strong in Binding Coil of Bahamut Turn 4!
Sunday, February 09, 2014 (03:08:38) BA News
Posted by Parslip
BA is still going strong in FFXIV, hitting all of the game's content. From Crystal Tower's 24 man raiding goodness, to Extreme Mode Primal battles, to the elite Binding Coil of Bahamut, BA is doing it all. Currently in the works is an epic push to amass millions of gil to buy a guild hall, as the next few patches will release several benefits including breeding chocobos and building airships!

Stop by our forum and say hi, or a pick up a copy of the game, hop on the Goblin server and join us!

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Support Bellum Aeternus
Saturday, January 04, 2014 (00:57:19) BA News
Posted by BrewSki
Thanks to all the gamers and supporters of Bellum Aeternus.

Your support keeps the website and voice servers running and enjoyable for all.

If you haven't found a way to express your gratitude for being a part of this great team, step up and send a donation!

It doesn't need to be much, we even have a $5.00 per month subscription!
Every bit helps keep all the great gaming going and kicking butt!

So take some time today and check out the right column of the website, there are some donation buttons for the Bellum paypal. Eazy peazy!

Thanks to all, and kick butt!

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Titan Down!
Friday, December 13, 2013 (07:11:13) BA News
Posted by Parslip
For the first time, BA has taken down the monstrous brute Titan! The road has been long, with many different groups of our members making hours of attempts at him. But finally the pieces came together and we were able to take him down with the help of a pick-up healer and tank. Thanks to Marazi, Rafe, Tonk, Renjade, Shan and those two random people for helping me finally get my relic weapon!

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VICTORY! BAID Allies With HO5P to Dominate DL3G & OP4
Wednesday, November 20, 2013 (16:02:08) Planetside 2
Posted by AgtMulder

A [BAID] Scythe vows revenge in a dogfight against three Mosquito fighters.

Much of Bellum Aeternus remembers the intense showdown in what was one their first scrimmages in PlanetSide 2 against the infamous Dread Legion of the Terran Republic. Playing on the exotic new continent Hossin, the two outfits partook in two matches of pure plasma vs. bullet firefights, simulating both critical base captures and head-on-head bridge fights for the center.

Now, on Sunday, November 17th, 2013, Dread Legion, joined by the notorious Opposition Force (OP4), returned, willing to challenge again one of the greatest outfits on Connery, Bellum Aeternus. Allied with the Hospitaller Order of Connery (HO5P), BAID happily accepted.

The battle took place on Test Server, Amerish, where the two forces contested over a span of five bases: Mekala Tech Plant, Rockslide Outlook, The Bastion, Moss Basin Mineshaft, and Heyoka Amp Station. The terms of victory were simple: whomever could capture the most territory within 55 minutes would be declared the winner. It is worth noting that these locations are also used for the PlanetSide 2 community clashes.

A map of the battlefield where the scrimmage took place.

Both factions were allowed vehicle and MAX spawns, limited to only their resource counts.

To prepare for the scrimmage, Vanu forces spawned in Sunderers and Lightnings at Mekala Tech Plant, before forming at Rockslide Outlook. Once the round started, the armor rolled in toward The Bastion, where they were immediately met with light armor and air.

Through utilization of AA guns on the Sunderers, as well as the assistance of Vanu Infiltrators hacking enemy AA base turrets, the resistance was neutralized, giving BAID and HO5P access to the inner courtyard of the compound.

The Terran Republic immediately fell into defense, entrenching themselves on the points to hold the Vanu back. They shifted to a high medic/engineer composition, where attempts on mowing down an entire crowd can be easily foiled by two or even one living medics, not to mention death revive grenades.

The Bastion, the setting for the majority of the scrimmage.

The OP4 and DL3G also prioritized Sunderers, draining precious resources needed to continue their assault. However, the TR could only defend one point at a time, so the Vanu planned to bleed out the time by securing and holding any two points at the base.

The tactic was successful. Despite losing many precious minutes in the scrimmage, the Vanu eventually captured The Bastion. BAID then remained at The Bastion to defend, while HO5P attacked, staging an assault on the following base, Moss Basin Mineshaft.

The TR quickly followed with an air attack on The Bastion, pulling multiple pilots to harass and soften up the ground targets and stray infantry. However, their tactic proved to be ineffective. As Versipellus, an esteemed member of Bellum Aeternus states, "The TR managed to keep up the light air, but ultimately their pilots proved to be less useful in the air than they would have been on the ground; a waste of troops."

The inner courtyard where the VS armor column controlled during the first moments of their siege.

Coming near the end of the scrimmage, BAID miraculously repelled the TR assault entirely, thus taking the initiative for a frontal assault. Now regrouped, both Vanu squads pushed on Moss Basin by the time the scrimmage ended, leaving them as the winners.

All in all, the scrimmage was a huge success, and not simply for the victory either. All the outfits played extremely well, truly showing the reason why they are the best of the best. Also, the experience of battling another outfit, of learning each other's tactics and strategies, as well as pushing yourself to the limit when situations seem hopeless, is the true reward out of this entire event.

However, bragging rights isn't a bad reward either.

Some honorable mentions include ClowKing of HO5P and IronRoids, a Bellum Aeternus governor. And of course, we can't forget the fearless and tactically-sound Therum who coordinated the BAID squad exceptionally well this night. Without the incredible leadership and tactical coordination of these fine men under the most intense pressure, our victory would've easily been a crushing defeat.

Also, thanks to Versipellus for the information needed to write this article.

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Planetside 2 OMG Performance Patch!
Friday, November 15, 2013 (04:25:35) Planetside 2
Posted by BrewSki

After pulling a final all-nighter, the PlanetSide 2 development team is content with their first Performance Update Patch which went live Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 at about 9:00 AM PST. The Performance Update Patch Notes showcase all the changes that were made including a plethora of performance and non-performance subjects - from memory optimization to bug fixes.

Come Join us on Auraxis for some kick butt of NC and TR!

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